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We do not buy superstars. We make them - Arsene Wenger

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Welcome to, an unofficial and independent website dedicated to West Bromwich Albion Football Club, as well as a resource for people with a wider interest in association football.

Fundamental to is the A-I database which has been designed from first principles "in-house" to provide a data acquisition and display system specifically focused on fixtures involving West Bromwich Albion. The database currently holds information on over 5000 fixtures, 4000 people, almost 200 football clubs and is continually expanding. More information on and definitions used within the A-I database can be found Here.

The Club Directory provides information on past and present Teams, Players, Managers and Referees who have been connected with first team games involving West Bromwich Albion, with new entries frequently added. All directory information can be easily located via a simple search engine.

The Match Engine area not only details results for the current and past seasons, but also features detailed match reports from season 2002/03 onwards.

AI Scout is in development, but it will enable you to view a range of data relating to football fixtures.