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Site Information

Overview is an unofficial and independent website dedicated to West Bromwich Albion Football Club, as well as a resource for people with a wider interest in association football.

While the information displayed here is relevant to all football fans, imagine albion-index as looking at a snapshot of football from the perspective of a West Bromwich Albion supporter.

Fundamental to is the A-I database which has been designed from first principles "in-house" to provide a data acquisition and display system specifically focused on fixtures involving West Bromwich Albion. The database currently holds real and accurate information on over 5000 fixtures, 4000 people, almost 200 football clubs and is continually expanding.

Albion Index is a statistics based website. While other such websites exist, the specific focus of the domain is slanted towards West Bromwich Albion, but all supporters are welcome. The A-I database provides the website with data independence and a large and in some areas unique scope for development. More information on and definitions used within the A-I database can be found Here.

Content currently held in the A-I database
SeasonBasic Data*VenueManagersAdv Data**Appr DataDisciplineGoalsA-IMsA-IRs

* Basic Match detail includes: competition, teams, score, attendance.

** Advanced Match detail includes basic, plus: squads, discipline, goals, assists, performance indicies, advanced statistics.

Albion-Index does offer free membership which enables you to post on the forum in reply to threads and will, as the site develops, allow you to access extra features and functions. You can join at this link.

As of late 2013 the site remains in the early stages of development. You are able to keep upto date with development on our forum or on this page as major features go live.

Major Developments

01.07.2014: Team Page now includes Top 10 performing players (2002>).

01.07.2014: Autocomplete person search added to all page sidebars.

01.07.2014: Person and Latest goal updates added to all sidebars.

30.06.2014: Total site re-design to adaptive layouts.

10.05.2014: A-IRs index modified to include performance bonus rating and competition difficulty appearance bonus (all ratings updated).

09.10.2013: Seasonal results page with highlighted results to show form is now live.

09.10.2013: Team pages for first team competitions is now live.

10.10.2013: Simple "Person" search factility is now live.

10.10.2013: Match reports for over 5000 games now online.

18.10.2013: A-IMs and A-IRs indices now live.

10.02.2014: A-IRs ratings added to player profile page for each fixture.

Technologies used include SQL, PHP and HTML5 web standards to deliver up to date functionality. You should ensure you are running the latest version of your browser to get the best use of the website.

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Updated: 01.07.2014

The database definitions file aims to clarify the operation of the A-I database and related functions. This document is key to understanding how to interpret statistics and functionality you see on the website.

1. Copyright

1.1 The Albion-Index (A-I) database ("the database") has been designed and populated from first principles entirely "in-house". The creative process in the on-going design, implementation, verification and maintenance of the database represents a significant investment of time and as such protection under "The Copyright and Rights in Databases Regulations 1997" and further such Copyright, Designs and Patents Acts are invoked as relevant.

1.2 The database is populated from a range of (public) resources and research as well as distinct modelling "in-house". All associated statistical implementations, queries and algorithms are considered intellectual property and copyright @ Material is not open source and is restricted, although fair use may be considered. Please contact the site for further details.

1.3 No fixture list, image, detailed [complex] statistics or video data is currently held or displayed due to media rights restrictions. If you feel there is any issue surrounding copyright, please contact us immediately for resolution.

1.4 The database has no connection to any other official source; it is entirely unofficial and independent of any official sports governing authority.

2. Definitions of Content

The A-I database attempts to model interactions around a football fixture involving West Bromwich Albion football club. All data is held in adherence to the relational model normalised to third normal form. The database currently consists of over 20 relations (tables), over 40,000 tuples (rows) and in excess of 250,000 individual attributes. Information is held on teams, tournaments, stadiums, fixtures, goals, players, managers and referees.

2.1 The A-I database holds the following competition results; all football league results (1888-present day, including play-off fixtures), all FA Cup results (including pre football league fixtures i.e. 1883-1888) and all league cup results. In addition Charity Shield results are held. The A-I database also includes results for the Autoglass Trophy and the Full Members cup. West Bromwich Albion's European results in the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup, European Cup Winners' Cup, UEFA Cup and Anglo-Italian Tournament are also held.

2.2 Currently outside the scope for inclusion are results in the Anglo-Scottish Cup (including the Texaco and Tennent Caledonian Cup). Fixture results in the Watney Cup, United Counties League, Bass Charity Vase, Festival of Britain and other international tours or regular local competitions (such as the Birmingham Charity Cup etc) are not included.

2.3 Detailed appearance and fixture results data is currently held for fixtures post the 2001/2002 season. This includes squad, venue and referee appearance data. Also included are booking, substitution, basic team performance and goal data.

2.4 All fixture results data prior to season 2001/2002 is held in basic form. Competition, teams, result, attendance and venue data is held, where possible.

3. Specific Definitions

3.1 League

3.11 It is important to understand the structure of English League football when looking at fixture results.

3.111 The "Premier League" (1992-Present) and the "Old First Division" (1888-1992) are defined as the top flight leagues of English football.

3.112 The "Old Second Division" (1888-1992), "First Division" (1992-2004) and "The Championship" (2004-present) are defined as the second tier of English league football.

3.113 The "Old Third Division" (1958-1992), "Division Two" (1992-2004) and "League One" (2004-present) are defined as the third tier of English league football.

3.12 Competitions are defined independent of sponsorship.

3.2 Clubs

3.21 A club retains fixture data despite a name change, unless the club is specifically re-founded. For example, Swansea City inherits Swansea Town's fixture results post name change. However, Leeds United is considered reformed from Leeds City due to a distinct disbanding of the former club. This approach is taken on a club-by-club basis.

3.31 Where no specific research suggests otherwise, fixtures will default to the home teams default ground in operation during the fixture period.

3.3 Fixtures and Match Events

3.31 A fixture is considered to last 90 minutes, unless extra time is invoked. Therefore, injury time is not included in any functions. If a match substitution occurs 90 minutes or post, where relevant it is detailed at 89 minutes. Other actions will be logged no later than 90 minutes unless extra time is ensued.

3.32 A result of a cup fixture drawn within 90 minutes or 120 minutes will be considered as a draw, regardless of the outcome of any penalty shootout.

3.33 A player who is introduced as substitute at half-time is credited as substituted into the game on 45 minutes. Any immediate match action is then rounded up to 46 minutes.

3.34 In disciplinary terms two yellow cards when issued are formally recorded as one yellow and one red card, but for information purposes may be displayed otherwise.

3.35 A player may be credited with an assist to his goal if that contribution is outstanding to the goal scored.

3.36 A player is only credited with a fixture appearance on their factfile if they start a fixture or enter the field of play as a substitute. The role of "unused squad substitute" is not valid in this context, although is shown in a match report.

3.4 People

3.41 The management history of a person within the database is not an exhaustive list of that person's history within football management. A manager history at a club (as with the wider person database) is only triggered active in the A-I database if during their management period at a club they play a first team fixture involving West Bromwich Albion, namely that period intersects a WBA fixture.

4. General Site Definitions and Keys

4.1 Fixture Results Key

New* Any tabulated fixture result row in relation to a team, season or person is coloured Green, Amber or Red.

4.11 A Green row represents a winning outcome for West Bromwich Albion.

4.12 Amber represents a drawn fixture.

4.13 Red indicates opposition victory.

Such a key is given to provide a snapshot of form or result impact of a person involved in a fixture.

4.2 Goals

Post season 2001/02 part of the modelling of each goal examines the nature of play in which a goal is scored. This is shown in a match report with the following key;

4.21 Green indicates a goal is scored in open play;

4.22 Amber indicates the goal is the results of a set play, direct or otherwise;

4.23 Red indicates an own goal;

4.24 Dark Blue indicates the goal was via a penalty;

4.25 Black indicates the goal nature is unknown.

5. A-IMs and A-IRs Performance Indices

The purpose of a performance index is to conduct analysis of a range of variables to produce a simple to understand overall rating. Such an approach looks to reduce the reliance on personal opinion and provide a concise and consistent single rating by which to judge performance. For example, seeing a fixture has finished 0-0 actually imparts little information on the overall performance of the teams involved. Seeing a squad list of players in a game that has finished 2-0 tells us little about the contributions of the players within that fixture.

Many websites provide raw statistics, however the Albion-Index Match system and Albion-Index Report statement looks to analyse and value simple match events to provide a single rating for both team and player performance.

Following analysis two unique in-house indices are used to assess match performance (A-IMs) and player performance (A-IRs). The indices record this information for both the home and away team. Both A-IMs and A-IRs are visible on a fixture match report page.

More information on A-IMs and A-IRs can be located within the relevant tabs above.
5.1 A-IMS and A-IRs definitions

5.1.1 [A-IMs] Criteria is defined as: array ( 'goal' => 15, 'clean_sheet' => 10, 'greater_poss' => 10, 'corner' => 2, 'shots_on' => 3, 'shots_off' => 1, 'yellow_card' => -5, 'red_card' => -15, 'foul' => -1, 'offside' => -1, );

Updated* 5.1.2 [A-IRs] Criteria is defined as: array ( 'result' => array ( 'win' => 25, 'draw' => 10, 'loss' => 0, ), 'performance' => array ( 'betteraims' => 10, 'draw' => 5, 'loweraims' => 0, ), 'squad' => array ( 'if_fapl' => '2x $squad', 'starting' => 10, 'sub' => 5, 'unused' => 3, ), 'goal' => array ( 'scorer' => 15, 'own_goal' => -15, 'if_outside_box' => +5, 'if_winning_goal' => +5, ), 'clean_sheet' => array ( 'if_keeper_greater_saves' => 25, 'if_keeper' => 20, 'if_defender' => 10, 'if_midfielder' => 7, 'if_striker' => 5, 'if_sub' => 5, ), 'assist' => array ( 'assist' => 10, 'is_18yardsplus' => +3, ), 'discpline' => array ( 'yellow_card' => -5, 'red_card' => -15, ), )

5.1.3 [A-IRs] if an owngoal is scored it is rated at -15, no other scoring is associated, regardless of other matching criteria;

5.1.4 [A-IMs&A-IRs] Two yellow cards are calculated as one yellow and one red card scoring -20 points;

5.1.5 [A-IRs] A-IRs is rounded to two decimal places.

5.1.6 [A-IRs] To convert A-IRs to a star rating the following is applied: X = (specific player performance [per game or avg] / average active performance [all data]) * 100

  • (=<0%): V Poor: ☆☆☆☆☆
  • (>0% =<50%:): Poor: ★☆☆☆☆
  • (X = >85% =<105%): Average: ★★★☆☆
  • (X = >105% =<200%): Above Average: ★★★★☆
  • (X = >200%): Exceptional: ★★★★★

5.1.7 [A-IRs] In compiling average A-IRs ratings only active appearances are averaged, i.e. unused substitute appearances are excluded from the calculation.

5.1.8 [A-IRs] ★★★★☆ ( 5 ): Would denote an average 4 star rating over five appearances ( 5 ). In the absence of bracketed data the rating refers to a single appearance.

What is A-IMs?

The Albion Index Match system (A-IMs), unique to this website, analyses and weights specific positive and negative match events and associates them to a team to provide an overview of the performance of both West Bromwich Albion and their opposition within a fixture. A-IMs is a number rating for a team within a particular fixture, which can be positive or negative, indicating a value for performance. The higher the number, the better a team is judged to have performed.

What is the purpose/point of A-IMs?

The result of a fixture alone often doesn't give a clear indication of team performance. Indeed, if a fixture is drawn or results in a narrow win for a team, what does this actually tell us about performance? Was a particular result deserved by a team's performance? Looking at the performance of a team, in isolation of the result, may be useful.

Often raw statistics are available to show performance, A-IMs looks to combine and weight a range of match events to provide a single numerical value. This may then be further used for statistical and analytical purposes.

Where can I find the A-IMs rating for a team?

From season 2002/03 onwards every match report contains a graphical and absolute value for A-IMs that can be located under the fixture result on a match page. In time how the rating is used may be expanded.

How should I interpret A-IMs ratings?

If the score shows a fixture result, the A-IMs rating for each side should be considered as a guide to performance. While a team's result and performance is often connected, the data shows this isn't always the case. The higher the positive numerical rating, the better the performance is judged to have been.

Can a team record a negative rating?

A team can record a negative A-IMs rating. This is an indication the positive analysed events of a team within the fixture are outweighed by the negative events. Usually this is the result of poor discipline, namely fouls and bookings.

Give me an example!

If we look at WBA vs Everton on 24.08.2013 it can be seen the result was 0-0. However, using A-IMs to look at performance we can see Everton were dominant in terms of performance. Indeed, it is possible to say their performance was likely worthy of a 2-0 win or greater, a week later WBA lost to Swansea who scored less on the A-IMs scale in their 0-2 victory at the Hawthorns.

But more than seeing Everton performed the best in the fixture, the zero score from WBA indicates their performance was not effective.

So while most websites show the game was a draw, using A-IMs we can further say the result may have been a draw, but Everton were dominant in terms of performance and WBA on the day didn't function well as a team.

What criteria are used to compile A-IMs?

Primarily Objective rather than subjective factors are used to determine performance. Goals scored, clean sheets, possession, shots, team discipline and offsides are the considerations used to help compile A-IMs. Each is given a numerical weighting and combined to give the final rating. The basis for the weighting criteria is applied from those typically used in spread betting.

Could you use more detailed statistics? Why not go further back than 2002?

Albion Index focuses on games involving West Bromwich Albion, but the database and associated functions could easily apply to other teams and further statistics. Time and cost considerations as well as media rights and access to information limit the scope of the database.

Can I use A-IMs data etc on my website, etc?

This may be possible, please contact us if you have any question over using any data taken from

Updated: 01.07.2014

*UPDATED: What is A-IRs?

The Albion Index Report statement (A-IRs), unique to this website, looks specifically at individual player performance within a fixture. For all squad players within a fixture a range of simple both positive and negative weighted match outcomes are assessed and combined to produce a single numerical result. In addition to individual actions a weighting is given to a player based on the team outcome, appearance and performance. The A-IRs rating is found next to a player in the squad list for a particular fixture from season 2002/03.

In order to distil A-IRs to an easily understandable form it is now given as a star rating between one and five, the higher value representing better performance. These rating can be found next to a player on a match report, indicating specific match performance and on a person fact file, indicating overall performance.

More information on compiling the A-IRs ratings can be found below.

What is the purpose/point of A-IRs?

As long as supporters have attended a match there has been debate over who is man-of-the-match. While this no doubt will always continue, if we can apply some simple set and weighted criteria to a player's performance we can use statistics to provide each player in the match with a rating. This rating shows us the impact of a specific player within the fixture. In theory the player with the highest rating has had the greatest impact under the criteria and arguably is man-of-the match.

Over years and even decades this information could build-up a picture of the impact of a player against various teams or even other players, etc.

Why is a team result weighting given to individual performance?

Unless you have available specific detailed and interpreted statistics relating to almost every significant match action it is almost impossible to assess the weighting of individual actions to the overall team performance. For example, exactly who is responsible for a team clean sheet? Many may consider this a reward of a defender, but what if a midfielder was to make a last ditch tackle to prevent a near certain goal? Such analysis is beyond the scope of this site. So a weighting is given to a player to credit him for the whole team result, without having to conduct a deeper analysis. This takes the form of weighting a match win, draw and loss and multiplying it by the time a player spends on the pitch as a percentage of the overall match time.

*NEW: Why award a team performance bonus to individuals?

The logic for rewarding result outcome and applying it to an individual's performance is detailed above. However, a match result does not always follow team performance, for example in the event of a draw how can you allocate points to the better performing side? Therefore, it is important to consider a match result and team performance as distinct variables. We can use the A-IMs index to determine team performance dominance, then allocate points to individuals within the better performing team. As with result outcome this cannot be on a basis of every pass, tackle, shot etc, but can be implemented by a player's time on the pitch multiplied by a set value for performance dominance. After simple analysis the set value bonus for performance dominance is determined as 40% of that for result, or 10 points.

Why Credit unused substitutes, etc?

In addition to a weighting for match performance, credit is given to a player for appearance. This is weighted based on a player starting a fixture, appearing as substitute or remaining an unused substitute. Reward is given even if a player is unused to appreciate his contribution and achievement in making the match day squad. A player starting a game is given a higher starting credit than one who is a substitute.

*NEW: Why award a competition bonus?

To recognise the Premier League is the 'top flight' in English football and thereby differentiate it as the top standard of competitive football in England a player appearance rating is doubled for any appearance within the competition. This rewards the recognised increase in difficulty and intensity on the field of play within the top flight as compared to other domestic competitions.

Can a player score a negative rating?

A player can record a negative score, but ratings tend to move towards the positive, the higher the value representing the better the performance in both the A-IMs and A-IRs index. For example, one team is credited by scoring a goal; the opposition will not receive negative points for conceding a goal. A losing side is not allocated negative points. The supremacy of a team or player within a fixture can be analysed in a relative way, rather than double scoring a match event.

What Criteria are used for A-IRs?

Variables are assessed and weighted for each player in a fixture to give a total for that match fixture. The criteria and weighting used is best described in an array. array ( 'result' => array ( 'win' => 25, 'draw' => 10, 'loss' => 0, ), 'performance' => array ( 'betteraims' => 10, 'draw' => 5, 'loweraims' => 0, ), 'squad' => array ( 'if_fapl' => '2x $squad', 'starting' => 10, 'sub' => 5, 'unused' => 3, ), 'goal' => array ( 'scorer' => 15, 'own_goal' => -15, 'if_outside_box' => +5, 'if_winning_goal' => +5, ), 'clean_sheet' => array ( 'if_keeper_greater_saves' => 25, 'if_keeper' => 20, 'if_defender' => 10, 'if_midfielder' => 7, 'if_striker' => 5, 'if_sub' => 5, ), 'assist' => array ( 'assist' => 10, 'is_18yardsplus' => +3, ), 'discpline' => array ( 'yellow_card' => -5, 'red_card' => -15, ), ).

The basis for the weighting criteria is applied from those typically used in spread betting and from "in-house" consideration.

Aren't strikers and attacking players favoured by A-IRs?

It is an inherent consideration if you are trying to judge performance that you have to balance defensive and offensive outcomes. If A-IRs solely or heavily rewarded attacking outcomes, then yes, attacking players would be biased in the rating. However, by weighting defensive outcomes it is possible to better balance the A-IRs index.

*NEW: How is a numerical value converted to a star rating?

A-IRs ratings are converted from a numerical value to a star rating system that offers a broader scope for comparison and understanding.

To obtain the star rating for either a specific performance, as detailed on a match report, or for overall contribution, as detailed on a player fact file, we first calculate the average performance rating for all A-IRs performance data held for active appearances. This calculation on over 15,000 individual values gives us a dynamic value that acts as a baseline average for performance.

We can then calculate the specific performance or average performance of an individual player's numerical A-IR's as a percentage of the average. This is then graded to provide the final star rating as follow:

  • (=<0%): V Poor: ☆☆☆☆☆
  • (>0% =<50%:): Poor: ★☆☆☆☆
  • (>50% =<85%:) Below Average: ★★☆☆☆
  • (>85 =<105%): Average: ★★★☆☆
  • (>105% =<200%): Above Average: ★★★★☆
  • (>200%): Exceptional: ★★★★★

In compiling average A-IRs ratings only active appearances are averaged, i.e. unused substitute appearances are excluded from the calculation.

Are A-IMs and A-IRs connected?

No, the two indices used on the site are not specifically connected and should be considered distinct. A-IMs analyses team performance only. A-IRs looks at individual performance, albeit with a team win, draw or loss weighting.

What is the scope of the task in compiling A-IRs?

To produce A-IRs for a 10-year period over 100,000 variables needed to be analysed and compiled.

Does A-IRs look at specific match events, key passes, tackles, fouls, etc?

While A-IRs looks at some criteria for individual performance, it is by no means definitive. The system is limited by the data available and it does not look at detailed events such as key passes, tackles, etc; this is beyond the scope of this website. The current criteria for A-IRs is defined above.

Is A-IRs (and A-IMs) compiled dynamically?

To reduce load on the server the functions used to compile both indices are retained offline with the output held in SQL format, although both could be used dynamically.

Updated: 10.10.2013

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4. Information on the Website

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5. Warranties

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6. Acceptable Use

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9. Alteration

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12. Complaints, Resolution and Comments

If you have any questions, comments or concerns arising from the website, the Privacy Policy or any other relevant terms and conditions, policies and notices or the way in which we are handling your personal information please contact us. The website endeavours to put in place all responsible measures to ensure the full satisfaction of all parties in relations to the website. All efforts will be made to resolve any complaint or request which relates from the site in a lawful, professional and timely manner upon contact.


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